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Hey Y’all Media Adds Westward Road To Its Roster

Written by scoopsnews on March 26, 2019 – 5:32 am - 


Ellisville, Mississippi Vonda Armstrong and  Hey Y’all Media announce agreement of radio promotions with very popular and talented trio, “Westward Road.”

Regarding the group, Vonda Armstrong states, ” I’ve been watching this group grow for the last couple of years. Their music and ministry is phenomenal and I am very excited to be their “cheerleader” for radio.

Westward Road is an exciting and dynamic family trio from Indianapolis, IN. They have been singing together as Westward Road since 2014 and absolutely love worshiping and spreading the love of God.

Westward Road has a style all their own. Their new take on gospel music along with their smooth family harmonies will have audiences of all ages falling in love with this fun and energetic trio.

“This Is The Lamb”




















NASHVILLE, Tenn. —Deeply rooted gospel group, The Freemans, are releasing a new single to radio entitled Send An Angel By My Way (aka King Jesus), written by Darrell's Uncle Joe Freeman. "I promised Uncle Joe I would release this song to radio, and we are excited to do just that," stated Darrell.  "This old song is special to our family. Psalm's 91:11 says For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”  The lyrics still hold true to the promises of God; and they are still relevant today."


Vonda Easley Armstrong/ Hey Ya'll Media will handle radio promotions for the group.  "With half a lifetime behind them, I believe the best days are yet ahead for The Freemans, and I am excited to promote this song for them, states Vonda.

A digital copy will be sent on Monday February 4th. A hard copy will follow.

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A Visit With The Connells

We recently got to chat with this amazing family group from Anniston Alabama.

We asked:

For each member: What is your favorite activity when you are off the road? 

Chris: I enjoy camping and spending some quality time with my family. I have also enjoyed preaching and sharing the gospel for over thirty years.

Karen: Reading, Facebook (keeping in touch with family and friends old and new.) I enjoy watching the Food Network, but it hasn’t helped my efforts in the kitchen yet; some sketching, and I’d like to learn more about photography.

Hannah: I like to read, shop, and go on adventures with my family.

Heather: I love to watch old Hollywood movies.

These guys have recently released a new song to radio entitled, “When Fear Overtakes My Faith.”  Karen’s recent health battle which led to her liver transplant was difficult for the family and they lived the message of their current single.

Karen added, “While recovering from my  transplant, I feel like I learned a lot of things and benefited from it for more than just a new liver. I gained a whole new appreciation for those around me from family to the medical experts including all those in between. I learned that God is always speaking to us if we’ll just listen and realize that He can use an older hospital janitor to deliver a message to you (true story!) as well as He can use a mega church pastor. Sometimes not even a “body” at all. You just KNOW if you’re listening for him. Another thing I learned is compassion. I always thought I was compassionate before, but beyond the “I’ll be praying,” to “God be with Joe;” that was about it. Throughout my illness, surgery, and recovery so many people have reached out to us, putting feet on their prayers. I’ve been humbled at the generosity and sincerity of so many. My prayer is that I would be SINCERELY compassionate and do more than recite a small prayer out of duty. My personal goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, take the best care possible of my liver, to be able to actually enjoy being active with my family, to cherish the remaining time my girls are at home, and to eventually see sons-in-law, grandbabies, and Disney World a few more times.”

The Connells will be appearing at Southern Gospel Weekend.

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